Our Expertise is Healing Trauma & PTSD

Our therapeutic approach is a synthesis of Somatic Experiencing™, the Polyvagal theory and classical Chinese Medicine. 
We start from the assumption that there is nothing wrong with us, rather there is a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the natural healing processes of the body and psyche. By supporting a firm yet gentle focus on the present moment and the wonderful body resources we all have, traumatic content naturally and spontaneously begins to unravel.
This is a form of therapy that is collaborative, non-pathologizing and enjoyable. It is non-pathologizing in that people are viewed as having all of the resources they need, rather than as having a disease or deficit. Instead of lacking resources people are seen as being constrained from using innate strengths by polarized relationships both within themselves and with the people around them. Our approach is designed to help people release these constraints, thereby releasing the resources.
Our method uses the client's experience of the body (rather than intellect or emotion) to process trauma / PTSD, and directly treats its effects on physiology. This greatly facilitates emotional and cognitive processing.
Ours is not a cathartic process where past trauma needs to be re-experienced. By helping individuals gently access the energy and sensations of incomplete life events, we empower them back to health. Our therapeutic approach is radically different compared to psychotherapy or psychiatry. It is a synthesis of the Somatic Experiencing method and classical Chinese Medicine.
We use natural language and/or gentle touch to contact procedural (implicit) memory. This initiates the deactivation cycle of the stress response in the motor cortex to flush out incomplete self-protective responses. These responses can take the form of experiences such as sensations, images, behaviors, feelings, or meaning.
The key element is the client’s new ability to be a conscious, cognizant participant in these experiences - no longer a victim of them.
The process helps the Autonomic Nervous System complete fight, flight and freeze responses while in a state of containment. It re-instates the natural oscillatory rhythms of neuromuscular activation and deactivation at key structures comprising the amygdala and the ANS, primarily the vagus nerve and brain stem with their related extensions throughout the organism.

Panic and Anxiety / Hypervigilance 

Nightmares / Difficulty sleeping  

Codependent Behaviors

Chronic feelings of guilt / shame
Gastrointestinal disorders
Chronic pain / Migraines
Trouble paying attention / ADD
Emotional Numbness  / Rage / Depression

Inexplicable chronic illness

Clear symptoms of trauma include persistent:

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