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Therapeutic Inquiry®  investigates and heals the biological effects of the wounds of separation at the level of physiology. This investigation uses many different aspects found within the Somatic Experiencing® model by Dr. Peter Levine and the Polyvagal Theory  by Dr. Stephen Porges. It also uses traditional wisdom healing approaches in the form of a unique contemporary school of classical qigong focused on Virtue - The Dao. This school has successfully distilled, synthesized and integrated an efficient and direct approach (translated as Wisdom Ability) by Dr. Ming Pang.


Dialectical Inquiry®  investigates and heals the cognitive effects of the wounds of separation at the level of consciousness (awareness). This investigation benefits from many classical influences, among them the tibetan Bön (brought to the west by Georges Gurdjieff through Fritz Perls and formally instituted within psychology by Richard Schwarz) and the Hunyuan Theory of Entirety first posited by Dr. Ming Pang in the late 20th century. It also benefits from the impartial understanding and realization of basic truths resulting from the daily enjoyment of Wisdom Ability since 2006.

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